Holmes International

International Liaison

"Well Connected-Uniquely Qualified"

Business opportunities are global.  National borders are merely a cartographic delineation in today's environment.  With great opportunity, there is great risk.  Fraud, corruption and organized profiteering can negatively impact your bottom-line.  Holmes International can be your trusted partner.  As suggested by our name, we have the resources to assist with issues worldwide.   Our network of local affiliates is drawn from the highest echelon of of investigation expertise.  Most are former police, military or government veterans who have a proven track record in the private sector.  Holmes International does not just "look up" someone in a given locale.  The key to a successful investgation is contacts.  Many of our international contacts have been partnering with us for over 25 years.

The principal, not a case manager, coordinates all international cases.  All local affiliates are licensed and insured as mandated by their respective country's laws.  In addition, all local affiliates are fluent in the languages, customs and mores of the given country.  Holmes International does not use non-native speakers or expats.  Reports will be rendered in English, unless otherwise specified and invoicing will be in US Dollars.  So whether it is York, Pennsylvania or York, England, Holmes International stands ready to assist.