Holmes International

Background Investigations

"Are they really who they say they are?"
"I can't afford a background investigation program" is a popular refrain.  It is also misguided and potentially dangerous.  Nobody wants to hire an incompetent or potentially dangerous employee.  The repurcussions are astounding.  Negligent hiring cases have had multimillion-dollar judgements, while the average settlement is, according to Human Resources Management, just shy of 1 million dollars.
According to the Society of Human Resources Management, 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.  How does one combat this trend? By following the simple adage of, "When in doubt, check it out."
Holmes International can develop a cost effective background investigation tailored to your organization's specific needs.   Depending on the size, complexity and specific mission of your project, examples of sources researched may include but are not limited to the following:

Civil Court Index (Local, State, and Federal)
Criminal Court Index (Local, State, and Federal)
Database Research
Social Networking Sites
International Court Records
Past Employers (for pre-employment)
Educational Records
Character/Reputation Interviews